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Saliva Functions, Collections and Manipulation for research purposes: A review article
This review paper elucidates the chemical composition of saliva and it roles in the oral cavity as lubrication and flushing action of the dentition to reduce the dental erosion. Update, Saliva also used as a diagnostic tools of different diseases....
Date: December 28 2021, Open Access
The Theory and Perspective of Diabetic Patients reference to Oral and Dental Disorders
Statement of the Problem: DM is one amongst the foremost common endocrine disor- ders. This unwellness has devastating effects on several organs and tissues of the body as well as oral and dental tissues....
Date: March 10 2021, Open Access
Particular stage Immediate Implant placement in fresh eradication hole using bone transplant and platelet-rich fibrin
Earlier it absolutely was seen that once tooth extraction, the socket was allowed to heal 6-12 months before implant placement. throughout this healing section it absolutely was detected that there was continuous reduction in buccolingual...
Date: January 22 2021, Open Access
Epidemic control and management conventions for a dental care professionals against a novel coronavirus disease
The ongoing episode and happening of great intense metastasis condition known as as Covid-19 has caused health issues moving the complete world due to the community unfold pattern of infection. The infection caused by the virus manifests in cavum and secretion secretions of affected patients inflicting respiratory...
Date: December 18 2020, Open Access
Possibility of Polymicrobial Synergy and Dysbiosis of Periodonto Pathogens in the Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Tumour Micro Environment
The role of infection associated inflammation in oral cancer gained much attention and at least 15 % of oral cancer is suspected to be associated with chronic inflammation [1-3]. Poor oral hygiene has emerged as an independent risk factor for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma...
Date: November 17 2020, Open Access
Traumatic dental injuries and impact on quality of life of 12-year-olds in Brazil
Defects in the oral-maxillofacial region have important functional, sensory and psychosocial implications and traumatic dental injuries are significantly associated with impacts of a physical, psychological, social and economic nature1,2. Anomalies in one’s aesthetic appearance and the function oro-facial structures...
Date: June 13 2020, Open Access