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A Surprising Reality About Using Your Own Blood to Improve Your Appearance

Correspondence to Author:  Wondrej Betrov1, 

Clinical Hospital Acibademsistina Skopje, University Goce Delcev Stip, Republic of Macedonia.


Aesthetic medicine is maybe the quickest growing branch of the dermato- venereology. New trends in aesthetic medication underline the natural resources and also the use of non-invasive ways in the treatment, exchange the novel invasive ways and the employment of medicaments. the advantages of those new procedures ar, terribly short recovery time from the intervention, higher tolerance by the patient, low-priced treatment. one among the innovations that’s with success applied in everyday practices at several dermatologic and aesthetic departments and clinics is that the treatment with plasma made in platelets (plasma made platelets). additional recently it’s being practiced in medicine for face rejuvenation or questionable evil spirit elevate, and recently in medical aid of phalacrosis and to treat wounds. In fact, the procedure is performed to drawn the blood from the patient, then the blood is centrifuged and ends up in the isolation of pure plasma made in platelets that’s made in growth factors.

PRP; Dermatology; Therapy; Natural; Non-invasive.


Wondrej Betrov1. A Surprising Reality About Using Your Own Blood to Improve Your Appearance. Annals of Dermatological Science 2024.

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  • Volume: 6 (2024)
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