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Adult female acne can be an indication for Antiandrogen therapy

Correspondence to Author:  Bing Hao, 

Department of Dermatology, Northwick Park Hospital, London, United Kingdom


Acne vulgaris could be a complex sickness of the follicle unit as a results of androgen-induced enhanced secretion production, altered biological process, inflammation, and follicle microorganism settlement by Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) [1]. The clinical options of disease of the skin embrace skin disorder, comedones, and papules and pustules. Nodules and cysts square measure seen in severe nodulocystic disease of the skin and scarring will follow. disease of the skin will occur alone or with signs of hyperandrogenism like hirsuteness, baldness and discharge irregularity. Acne vulgaris could be a common reason why adult ladies gift to dermatologists and may be a clinical challenge to treat. though disease of the skin is most typically related to adolescence [2], it usually persists into adulthood [3]. Perkins et al studies prevalence of disease of the skin in 2895 ladies and located over 1 / 4 had disease of the skin and though disease of the skin peaked in teens it continues to be rife through the fifth decade [4]. Adult disease of the skin regarding current androgens is commonly named as late-onset or post-adolescent disease of the skin [5]. disease of the skin will cause important psychological distress, that has been shown to boost with effective treatment [6]. Anti-androgen medical care is indicated for moderate

Acne, Androgens, Spironolactone, Cyproterone.


Bing Hao. Adult female acne can be an indication for Antiandrogen therapy. Annals of Dermatological Science 2024.

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