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Lunatics on the streets of Benin City, Nigeria….………a social burden.

Correspondence to Author:  Aghahowa SE, 

Department Pharmacology and Toxicology1, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.


To investigate the prevalence of lunatic and its burden on the streets of Benin City, Nigeria.

Structured questionnaires were distributed randomly among three hundred residents in the three different local government areas of Benin City, Nigeria.

Among the sampled 300 residents in the area, twenty-one lunatic cases were reported. The male-female ratio was 1:1.7, estimated ages 32±3.14years (mean±SD). There was a significant difference in the possible etiologies and risk factors P 0.05. Accident was claimed by 42% respondents as the most common cause of death especially being knocked down by vehicles. Some lunatic women were impregnated unknown individuals seeking for spiritual powers. High Incidences in women 71% were more related to myth and beliefs on spirits, witchcraft, retribution and divine punishment, while male incidences were linked to substance abuse. Sources of food and shelter were from waste bins and food items thrown at them. Stray movement was observed in thirteen cases, while eight cases inhabit tree shades and hideouts. Three of them were battered with suspected leg sores. Sixteen of the lunatics were reported to be irrational and easily irritable. Seventeen were on rags and two were naked. They were found commonly in market places. Common health status were poor hygiene, unkempt long hair, poor feeding habit, rag wares and absence of foot wears.

Lunatics, perception, etiologies, prevalence.


Aghahowa SE. Lunatics on the streets of Benin City, Nigeria….………a social burden. Annals of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2024.

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