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Influence of vertigo on quality of lifetime of college children: application of the dizziness handicap inventory child

Correspondence to Author:  Laria Santo de Sousa, 

Professor of Speech Therapy, State University of Bahia, Brazil.


Bodily balance is maintained by integration of the receptors localized within the proprioception, visual and sensory system systems that ar integrated into the central systema nervosum. Physiological changes thanks to chronic diseases, system disorders and medicine lesions, among others, could have an effect on the systems chargeable for dominant bodily property balance to spot the domain most affected in schoolchildren by suggests that of mistreatment the lightheadedness Handicap Inventory Child/ Adolescent (DHI-CA). A retrospective study of a quantitative nature was conducted in fifteen municipal faculty units of the Cabula-Beiru District and at the Phonoaudiology Clinic of the State University of Bahia, localized within the town of Salvador/Bahia/Brazil. The study was approved by the analysis commission of the State University of Bahia (Brazil) by suggests that of Report No. 179,799/13. The instrument lightheadedness Handicap Inventory Child/Adolescent (DHI-CA) seven was used for knowledge assortment. the aim of this form was to judge the impact of lightheadedness on the standard of lifetime of youngsters and adolescents with lightheadedness, to change quantification of the results obligatory on the functions of everyday life, and to assist with the selection of treatment. Retest was performed with AN interval of seven to 10 days once the primary application, with the aim of preventing changes within the schoolchildren’s general state of health.


Laria Santo de Sousa. Influence of vertigo on quality of lifetime of college children: application of the dizziness handicap inventory child. Annals of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 2024.

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  • Volume: 6 (2024)
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