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Insulin resistance and secretion change after 3 years follow-up and the risk for developing diabetes in non-diabetic adults

Correspondence to Author: Weiguo Gao, 

Department of Endocrinology, Qingdao Endocrine and Diabetes Hospital and Institute, Hefei Road 760, 266051, Qingdao, China


Purpose : To determine 3-years natural change of insulin resistance and secretion in non-diabetic Chinese adults and corresponding risk for developing diabetes. Methods : Population-based cohort study was performed in Chinese adults (35-74 years) from 2009 to 2015. Fasting plasma glucose and serum insulin was determined in 1882 subjects (701 men) at baseline and re-tested in 1087 (377 men). Insulin resistance was estimated with HOMA insulin resistance index (HOMA-IR) and insulin secretion with HOMA insulin secretion index (HOMA-IS). The change of HOMA-IR and HOMA-IS was calculated as: the value at follow-up minus that at baseline. Results : Normal subjects (NGT) had a lower HOMA-IR (1.51[95%CI 1.45-1.58] vs 1.95[1.84-2.07]) and higher HOMA-IS (72.89[69.76-76.10] vs 62.68[59.03-66.49]) than those with prediabetes. After 2.62 years on average, diabetes occurred in 28 participants with NGTs and in 38 with pre-diabetes. HOMAIS was significantly decreased in participants with worsening glucose metabolism. Decreased HOMA-IS was an independent risk factor for diabetes in both individuals with NGT (HR 0.995[0.991-0.998]) and pre-diabetes (HR 0.993[0.988-0.998]); but, increased HOMA-IR was observed only in NGTs with incident diabetes (HR 1.34 [1.09-1.64]). Conclusion : The deficiency of insulin secretion played a key role in Chinese adults with worsening glucose metabolism.

Keywords : incident diabetes, insulin resistance, impaired insulin secretion


Weiguo Gao. Insulin resistance and secretion change after 3 years follow-up and the risk for developing diabetes in non-diabetic adults. Journal of Diabetology Research 2024.

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