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Concentration of Rice and Comprehensive exertion of Its Byproducts

Correspondence to Author:  Qin-Shu Lin Yi, 

Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200072, China.


China may be a huge country within the production and consumption of rice within the world. However, for an extended time, China’s rice process is simply within the primary process state that meets people’s demand for rations, and therefore the level of comprehensive utilization of deep process and its by-products is low. This paper reviews the most raw and by- merchandise of rice, like rice supermolecule, rice starch and by-products of rice process (including broken rice, rice bran and rice husk), about to more improve the great utilization of rice resources and increase the intercalary price of rice and its by-products to make additional economic and social edges. The smartly developing and promoting the deep process technology of rice and its by-products can extend the rice business chain and greatly increasing the intercalary price of rice, change use of resources to supplement the shortage of high-quality edible oil, protein, starch and alternative merchandise.

Keywords :
rice, by-product, deep process, comprehensive utilization.


Qin-Shu Lin Yi. Concentration of Rice and Comprehensive exertion of Its Byproducts. Journal of Nutrition and Food Science Research 2024.

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  • Journal Name: Journal of Nutrition and Food Science Research
  • Impact Factor: 2.0
  • ISSN: 2770-4475
  • DOI: 10.52338/Jonfsr
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  • Acceptance rate: 55%
  • Volume: 6 (2024)
  • Submission to acceptance: 25 days
  • Acceptance to publication: 10 days


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