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POSTCOVID-19WAR Period, Cancer and Radiation Diabetes Is Substantially and Aggressively Raised by COVID-19 Variants in Hematologic Disorders

Correspondence to Author:  Bahram Alamdary Badlou, 

Research and Development Department, Zeist, The Netherlands.


In 2018, I came up with the potentially life-saving novel concept of comprehending the mechanism of the death triangle’s bidirectional interplay between its many aspects. It was already known that diabetes and cancer patients have hyperactive and dysfunctional platelets [1, 2], but might the death triangle mechanism be accelerated and/ or activated by distinct COVID-19 variants? Moreover, several diabetic and cancerogenic processes (DCP) can start an infection susceptibility? It is yet unclear how and/ or being a cultural media interacts synergistically with one another [1-4]. The fundamental characteristics of the aforementioned interactions are three. 3. Sciencefact versus Science-fiction advancements in the last three years. Knowledge aspect. 2. Deadly effects.
Who knows what? Amazingly, COVID-19 mutations in cancer and diabetic patients are the primary reasons of increased mortality and morbidity in and/or out of hospitals in recent years (data in processing and not shown yet).
How much do we know? COVID-19 mutations in patients with cancer and diabetes are remarkably the main reasons of increased mortality and morbidity in and/or out of hospitals in recent years (data in processing and not shown yet).

Nonetheless, some researchers are working to identify treatments for extremely uncommon diseases (1 in 50–100 million people worldwide) through genetic alterations and viral interventions in the twenty-first century.
The terrible COVID-19 collateral effects included a death rate between 7 and 10 million people worldwide as a result of contact and mutation (1 to 8000 ratio).

Though attempts were made to carry out God’s will, unexpectedly calamitous changes led to the COVID-19 pandemic threats, a highly hazardous disorder that we are still dealing with today. Global blockings and hostility increased as a result of increased fear of death, mobility restrictions, and lack of access to daily activities during lockdowns imposed by governments. The house served as a haven for the majority of those who were subject to pandemicrelated orders, but those who were being abused were unable to flee their abusers [1].

What is known is that scientific work is mutated in the production of new biological drugs and vaccines, which are more based on economically based goals, trying to introduce specific and sensitive errors, concerning preventive-prophylactic Science application instead of curative and vice versa, with hasty time-based (political) pressure-violations. Remember that only a small percentage of people are aware of what transpired after the pandemic attacks in 2019 and are still unaware of it today, in the post-COVID-19 era.
According to Matta 2020’s theory, the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and its aftermath can only be reduced through international cooperation, consideration of practical information that is readily available, and communication for inventiveness in scientific temperament with social behaviour change [4]. Even said, the death triangle machine, which was unveiled in 2018, almost foresaw a probable connection between microbes and platelets and cancer progressions [2].

This essay aims to shed additional insight on “how these angels impact DCP and one another in the post-COVID-19 era. Throughout the recent millennium, science-based (applied-) therapeutic solutions have proven their worth by dramatically reducing aging-related disorders and globally demonstrating tremendous changes towards preventive approaches (creating useful vaccinations in the last 70 years). But employing vaccines as “Medicines” has now provocatively sparked debate, resistance, and at least some contentious research group results everywhere.
Now, of course, everyone is interested in science-based approaches as open questions are partially resolved by fellows with commercial funding. Nearly all providers of crucial sciencebased solutions were constrained by dwindling resources. Because of this, they were forced to hide their creative plan to employ particular products because their resources were so tightly allocated. In the last three years, more applications that resemble an authoritarian regime have become daily habits. just because there wasn’t enough time for research and money for ten years of reliable study.
What remains to be determined is whether the interactions listed above are one-way or bidirectional in nature and how they affect one another. Furthermore, it is still up for debate how economy-based strategies replaced science-based answers. Hypothetically, because of time constraints (violations) and/or organisations that unintentionally “place pressure” on people by following deficient rules [3], mankind may experience more contentious issues and unforeseeable collateral harm, and all processes may appear to be untraceable. However, our group started systematically highlighting and issuing various warnings, i.e., referring to these pandemic attacks as WAR features [4-6], and as a result, death triangle processes were expedited by incorrect and prejudice-based (re-) action. Also, one has noted that producers may be breaching people’s rights to health and individual laws [3].

One can observe that several “ICT-system with restricted capacity” are operating in the post-COVID-19 period based on a differential level of risk classification. As a result, these limitations immediately result in the misplacement of vital (detail) information that causes research to go in the wrong direction.
Somewhat censorship A researcher needs accurate and original data that can be investigated and processed in order to obtain the information needed to understand what transpired in the previous ten years. A(n) (un-)predicted rise in pandemic attacks with or without new or novel variations is harming research and development teams around the world that have limited resources. Also, the newly formed parties’ joint ventures and lobbying groups are being formed amongst pharmaceutical firms, who are attempting to demonstrate that “as a result of Any new items that are released on the market are fine thanks to their combined venture. Moreover, more than 45,000 test samples should be verified for at least 7 to 10 years, according to all science-based data, in order to guarantee an integer validated and developed (medical) product from the beginning to the end.

Whether COVID-19 variations potentially mutate by using vaccinations that were injected? and/or eventually utilised a particular drug? Or what if the combination of long-term drug abuse and cancer-causing processes found enough fuel to multiply and evolve into brand-new, unstoppable variants? is not entirely explained.
The pandemic of the past three years taught us that, strangely, none of the questions listed above were effectively addressed. Is it too late to begin research on viruses and their capacity to mutate into immortal and/or uncontrollable organisms in any form of creature? After ten years, how many tests are necessary to obtain validated results? are also unknown subjects.
As of March 2023, we are still lacking some connections that could enable us to provide the best medical consultative services in the 21st century, and I regret that as the CEO of my R&D team, I did not have access to enough funding to resolve the aforementioned issues and uncover additional correlations.


Bahram Alamdary Badlou. POSTCOVID-19WAR Period, Cancer and Radiation Diabetes Is Substantially and Aggressively Raised by COVID-19 Variants in Hematologic Disorders. Journal of Biochemistry 2024.

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