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The mechanism of diabetes is explained by a new cardiovascular disease (CVD)/cancer theory

Correspondence to Author: DANNON H. Fabrice, 

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, 08 BP 0932 Tri Postal, Cotonou, Benin.


Aim: According to the World Health Organization, diabetes mellitus is on a “ruthless march” over the world, affecting about one out of every eleven people. According to 2014 estimates, 422 million persons globally have diabetes, but the incidence of diabetes was four times lower in 1980. Every year, roughly 3.7 million people die as a result of “high sugar.” “Specialists” anticipate that unless drastic actions are taken, the numbers will continue to rise. Experts investigated both type 1 and type 2 diabetes at the same time and determined that type 2 diabetes, which is linked to malnutrition and lifestyle, is responsible for the majority of the increase in diabetes patients globally, with 43 percent dying from diabetes and concomitant conditions.
Methods: Investigating the various sources of information available on the Internet. Conference discussion of proposed ideas, publication of original articles in Russian and English-language medical journals
Results: As a result, you must become acquainted with the New Theory of CVD/Cancer. From 2012 to 2019, I, the author of the New Theory, published approximately 20-30 articles in medical journals in English and Russian on the mechanism of many diseases with the socalled “unknown” mechanism. In fact, the majority of these diseases are caused by the same mechanism, but the scenarios for health deterioration in all people due to genetic differences and lifestyle choices have distinct characteristics

Keywords : Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction • Atrial fibrillation • Catheter ablation • Antiarrhythmic drugs • LGE-CMR


he author of the article many times in 2012-2019 spoke at international medical conferences, as an example, in Moscow and London. within the last three years alone, from totally different countries from magazine editors and conference organizers, I received concerning twenty five thousand (in total, taking into consideration continual requests) applications for publications and reports. Most letters from the USA. If we tend to speak shortly concerning the nonetheless unrecognized discovery, the mechanism of the many diseases with associate “unknown” mechanism is that the same: gradual overflow and stretching of the blood vessel pool thanks to uncontrolled run of blood through giant and tiny blood vessel anastomoses (AVA). As a rule, the opening/closing of the ABA happens in disagreeable things with a rise in vital sign (BP) [1-13]. The which means of such leaks in emergency reductions in peak values of vital sign. the invention of ABA, typically for some seconds, is that the body’s defense of blood vessel vessels, principally the guts and brain, from serious masses once they area unit stretched. Constant manipulation within the sort of gap and shutting ABA ends up in jumps in vital sign. Most often, an oversized AVA will exist between the arteria mesenterica and also the venous blood vessel [14]. As a result, rescue of arteries from serious masses turns into a retardant on the opposite hand, that doctors still don’t see: nearly constant increase in blood pressure, increase in blood volume, stretching of veins, block of the liver, decrease in pressure distinction between arterioles and venules in some organs and, as a result increasing stagnation of blood. It seems that in every day in a very person in a very sitting or standing position, blood accumulates below the influence of gravity within the lower 1/2 the body: within the legs and organs of the tiny pelvis. But, whereas an individual is young and physically active, blood vessel valves placed within the veins of the lower 1/2 the body effectively resist blood flow. however over the years, principally thanks to physical inactivity, the blood vessel valves fail, and unhealthy veins and occlusion of the veins begin. On the opposite hand, at night, throughout rest with the horizontal position of the spine, excessive blood bit by bit “overflows”. As a result, blood pressure is levelled on the complete body, and a part of the “extra” blood moves to the higher 1/2 the body: to the lungs and to the brain. Of course, of these “overflows” shouldn’t be taken virtually (like overflows of water in a very barrel), these “movements” ought to be taken “on average”, with a giant delay once the motivating issue, with the gradual, over many hours, unleash and movement of liquids from billions capillaries, arterioles, venules, from the living thing area. That is why, within the afternoon, swelling of the legs happens, and in the dead of night, nearer to the morning, at 5-7, thanks to the oncoming ensue the legs to the top, there’s a violation of the outflow of blood from the lungs and brain, a rise within the consistency of the mixed blood and, as a result, exaggerated vital sign thanks to involvement in a very giant circle of stagnant “dirty” blood within the previous hours. as a result of the venous blood vessel is found within the lower 1/2 the body and should have many porto-caval anastomoses once the liver is blocked, then most of the portal blood, saturated with nutrients, fats, proteins and carbohydrates, might not enter the liver for detoxification, however through the vein into the organs of the tiny pelvis, limbs and stagnate there.

Methods and Discussion

In fact, a part of the blood of an individual sitting all day turns aloof from active blood circulation. The blood flow in a very person with broken blood vessel valves is comparable to the flow of alittle plain watercourse within the summer: a part of the water is turned off, it’s within the backwaters, old women, it stagnates associated blooms (this sounds like an “infection” within the vessels), the rate of the flowing water is comparatively tiny, and with exaggerated drought, minimal. however on the opposite hand, throughout the spring flood, the water flow is most, and obscurity on the channel there are not any stagnation, all the dirt is washed off, the water, and also the channel itself with all the recent folks, area unit cleansed. 1. A healthy heart in a very person sitting all day physically cannot effectively raise blood even from the girdle organs, to not mention the feet. Result: stagnation of blood within the lower extremities and within the girdle organs, “cold legs”. 2. The muscles of the lower 1/2 the body and also the presence of blood vessel valves throughout suggested daily work up contributes to increased ventilation of the lungs, the gap of most capillaries, coaching of blood vessel valves, restore blood circulation, restore traditional balance of blood vessel (33%) and blood vessel (67%) blood throughout the body. 3. Special respiratory exercises area unit terribly helpful. The sharp movements of the metastasis diaphragm and also the corresponding manipulations of the intercostal muscles area unit a awfully effective methodology of pumping blood for anyone in any conditions: at work, on the train, lying on the couch, standing in line, whereas on vacation, etc. sudden exhalations and elevations of the diaphragm pump out blood from the lower 1/2 the body (to scale back swelling of the legs). Sharp breaths and lowering of the diaphragm pump blood from the higher 0.5. The last exercise is effective for relieving, as an example, a morning headache or for alleviating the morning impact of sounding within the ears of heart beats that occur within morning in very lying position on proper facet. 4. it’s attainable to include blood that has stagnated within the lower 1/2 the body into the massive circle of blood circulation by sporadically dynamic the position of the body in space: from time to time it’s necessary to put the feet of extended legs for 10 minutes on associate object placed on top of the amount of the guts. Young will stretch their arms and do gymnastic exercise. For the elderly-just take a horizontal position, i.e. lie down. 5. The life rule ought to be this: throughout work, as an example, sitting at the pc, you wish to urge up for 5 to 10 minutes each hour and provides the body a minimum of bottom physical activity. So, the initial mechanism of diseases is that the same: a rise in general blood pressure blocks cellular nutrition in some teams of capillaries, cells expertise ischaemia and drive, as a result of the pressure distinction between the arterioles and venules becomes meagre, the blood in some capillaries begins to flow terribly slowly, or just makes periodic movements, sort of a pendulum: forward to the heartbeat, back to the heartbeat. there’s unhealthy veins and occlusion in tiny vessels. that’s why many of us have swollen legs within the evening, in an exceedingly painful condition, and within the morning an identical image on the other facet of the body: the lungs area unit clogged with secretion, and a headache is feasible because of a violation of the outflow of blood from the brain. Thus, the body is subject to pathological masses day when day: some structural changes accumulate throughout the day, et al in the dark. These structural changes cannot quickly disappear, the degree of blood vessels cannot quickly decrease, this can be a further reserve volume, it can’t be empty. this can be why fat is treated with nice troublesomey: it’s terribly difficult to scale back the degree of expanded veins. the simplest strategy in life is to ne’er gain weight.It has long been finished that inactive work, lack of exercise is that the reason for the gradual increase in weight, the rationale for the large fat of the population in developed countries. due to the New Theory, a mechanism has become known: inactive work, unrest and stress, dangerous habits cause the “invisible” gap of enormous and little ABA anastomoses, to block the flow of blood in venules and arterioles. this can be wherever heart disease begins. All this results in a disparity within the volume of blood vessel and blood, blood getting in the “depot”, to distribution of blood circulation speeds in numerous arteries and veins, to a vital holdup within the movement of blood, to its stagnation, to weight gain, to large visceral fat of the population. And it doesn’t matter that someone grub meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, bread, pasta, porridge, sweet or drinks sweet tea with pies. Since the snap of the veins is low, nothing however the interior facia of the organs and skin of someone will keep the rise within the total volume of veins and tissues, the rise within the volume of the full body. Direct measurements of the extensibility of human skin showed higher rates in ladies, apparently, therefore, ceteris paribus, the frequency of fat in ladies is on top of in men. For example, twenty sixth of girls and 14 July of men suffer from fat in Russia, Tatyana Golikova, Russian Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs, aforesaid in AN interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta (November, 2018). in step with her, “there could be a tendency to worsen” [15]. In the world, compared with Russia, overweight folks area unit even more: concerning half-hour. Well, currently many facts concerning polygenic disorder About the facts that indicate the massive issues of recent drugs. 1) it’s currently believed that DM could be a serious endocrine illness related to a deficiency or absence of the secretion hypoglycemic agent (DM 1) within the patient’s body or a violation of the body’s ability to use it (DM 2), that results in high blood glucose (glucose). hypoglycemic agent is made by the exocrine gland beta cells. in an exceedingly healthy person, the metabolism happens as follows. Carbohydrates that enter the body with food break down into straightforward sugars. aldohexose is absorbed into the blood, and this is a sign for beta cells to provide hypoglycemic agent. hypoglycemic agent is carried by the blood and “unlocks the doors” of the cells of the interior organs, guaranteeing the penetration of aldohexose into them. This conclusion looks even, however it’s not clear why the likelihood of kind two DM (DM 2) in pets is a smaller amount than 1 Chronicles, and there’s no “epidemic” of endocrine illness, though food, air, sun and water area unit a similar for animals and humans? Why is polygenic disorder not found in wild animals at all? thus it’s not the surroundings guilty. maybe human behavior is to blame? Vertical spine? Lifestyle? Lack of physical activity? 2) Back within the twentieth century, doctors believed that kind two polygenic disorder solely happens in old or old folks, since it’s directly associated with the method of swiftness down metabolism and fat. However, as trendy practice shows, the lower ordinance is lowering with each decade, and currently kind two polygenic disorder is diagnosed even in 8-10 year recent kids, primarily littered with excess weight and unbalanced nutrition. Twenty years past round the world the amount {of folks|of individuals} diagnosed with polygenic disorder didn’t exceed thirty million people. By 2030, the amount of diabetics will grow to 435 million folks. of these changes astonishingly correlate with the automation of society within the 90s of the last century, with a decrease within the share of physical labor. several trendy folks have inactive, nervous work, excessive nutrition. 3) Red blood cells kind aggregates underneath the influence of aldohexose and plasma proteins. this can be because of the formation of glycated hemoprotein within the corpuscle membrane, that is directly concerned within the formation of coin columns, because of the impaired practicality of the particle channels of the corpuscle membrane, atomic number 19 and atomic number 20 ions area unit lost, leading to a modification within the charge of the membrane, that successively conjointly results in aggregation. Perhaps these organic chemistry disturbances occur because of the actual fact that in areas of prolonged stagnation of blood, the latter is saturated with aldohexose, furthermore as fats and proteins. a precise a part of the nutrients and hemoprotein altogether organs will enter from stagnation areas, and into the stagnation zone - from the vascular system through a network of anastomoses. Lack of gas, stasis, acidic surroundings and alternative pathological factors contribute to the formation of glycated hemoprotein. Glycated hemoprotein reflects the proportion of blood hemoprotein irreversibly connected to aldohexose molecules. Glycated hemoprotein is created as a results of the Maillard reaction between hemoprotein and blood sugar. during this regard, red blood cells lose their useful characteristics, and this results in the event of rheologic disorders of the blood and polygenic disorder. 4) The development of “morning dawn” (Dawn phenomenon) - a term denoting a state of a pointy increase in blood sugar within the morning before rousing (05: 00–08: 00). This syndrome is typical for individuals with sort one and sort two polygenic disease, however it will be symptomless in healthy individuals [17]. The “morning dawn” development, apparently, convincingly confirms the argument in favor of the New CVD/Cancer Theory. Indeed, in diabetics and in healthy individuals, throughout the day, extra volumes of blood in several quantities accumulate within the lower 1/2 the body, within the legs. throughout sleep during a horizontal position, stagnant blood doesn’t flow into the higher 1/2 the body straightaway, however with a delay of concerning 5-6 hours. that’s why, within the morning, aldohexose taken from the fingers rises. 5) Why a special SK from the fingers and toes? the info is given: from the toe SK-7.3, from the toe SK- eight.4 - this is often three hours when the injection and food. Science, apparently, doesn’t understand this development, or doesn’t specifically notice. She recommends taking blood for analysis within the morning, either from a vein or from a finger [18]. Different sugar levels from the toe and from the toe, for instance, within the evening before about to bed, conjointly convincingly make sure another argument in favor of the New Theory. Blood from a leg is blood from a possible stagnation zone, blood from a hand is typically blood from a cleaner zone, as a result of a person’s hands area unit invariably in motion. 6) Feet during a person typically suffer from nerve injury and poor blood flow. Since patients with polygenic disease area unit delayed the healing method of wounds, any little injury on the foot will quickly be converted into a severe lesion. The feet area unit the foremost distant a part of the body from the guts. it’s in these zones that the foremost serious stagnation of blood is. for several United Nations agency don’t do enough workout on their legs, urarthritis begins, injury to nerves, blood vessels, tissue happens. 7) Loss of vision, periodic blurring of vision, within the morning, when sleep. Central retinal vein occlusion. The causes of obstruction (thrombosis) of the central vein area unit a retardation in blood flow, a rise in its coagulation; pathological changes within the vein wall, weakening of viscus activity, cardiovascular disease. additional typically ascertained in senior individuals tormented by arteriosclerosis, DM, in girls throughout biological time. At a younger age, it will occur as a results of Associate in Nursing infectious method, particularly localized close to the eyes. typically it develops as a complication of contagious disease, sepsis, respiratory disease and alternative diseases. But what’s the explanation for the pathologies? what’s the mechanism of disturbance of blood vessel outflow? Science is unknown. They decision maturity, and this is often in 30-40 years. Meanwhile, vision loss in polygenic disease may be a quite common incidence. in line with the New Theory, the recommendation may be this: you must sleep on Associate in Nursing inclined surface [19], your head ought to be 10-15 cm on top of your legs. The inclination of the bed won’t permit a crucial violation of the outflow of blood from the pinnacle. 8) The result of stress on glucose. Science has proved that with frequent nervous breakdowns and powerful emotional experiences within the blood, aldohexose levels increase. This method is related to the options of the functioning of the soma and therefore the work of its protecting forces. throughout stress, the body throws most strength to confront a negative issue. the amount of some hormones created by the body decreases. as well as the endocrine that produces hypoglycaemic agent, that ends up in impaired macromolecule metabolism. owing to this, glucose levels increase below stress [20]. Of course, stress levels and endocrine concentrations have an effect on aldohexose levels. however the most think about increasing glucose, apparently, is stress, resulting in a rise in pressure. during a state of stress, Associate in Nursing invisible gap of ABA anastomoses happens and blood vessel congestion will increase. blood vessel congestion, prolonged stagnation result in a rise in glycated Hb. 9) individuals with polygenic disease, with poor rest, have twenty third higher blood sugar within the morning and concerning forty eighth higher hypoglycaemic agent levels than diabetics while not sleep disturbances. it absolutely was conjointly found that diabetic patients with night rest disorders have Associate in Nursing eighty two higher hypoglycaemic agent resistance compared to alternative diabetics. the dearth of nightly relaxation even doubles the chance of developing polygenic disease. very little sleeping individuals gain weight additional simply and quicker than people who like a protracted rest. Weight gain may be a key think about the event of polygenic disease. In alternative words, lack of sleep is at the start of the chain resulting in the event of polygenic disease. Restless sleep, about to the bathroom, night snacking - all this forces an individual to require a vertical position of the body, all this delays the exit of stagnant blood from the legs and girdle organs to the “core” of an oversized circle of blood circulation. Therefore, sugar levels during a restless dream by the time of the morning rise and later stay elevated, unsalaried. 10) Intensive exercise will have the alternative result, that is, considerably increase the amount of aldohexose in your blood. this is often particularly necessary for several individuals with sort two polygenic disease. it’s believed that the body perceives intense stress as stress and releases stress hormones that tell the body that it’s necessary to lift glucose levels to supply energy to your muscles. If this happens, you may got to inject a touch additional hypoglycaemic agent when exercise. This contradiction will be explained as follows. Stress, of course, plays a task, however not the most one. very intense hundreds with weights and runs dramatically increase blood circulation all told organs, particularly within the legs, within the muscles of the pelvis, back and arms. Stagnant blood saturated with aldohexose and glycated Hb is “drawn” from stagnation zones into an oversized circle of blood circulation. Naturally, when such a coaching, the aldohexose level makes a leap, the larger the additional severe the condition of the diabetic.


If sugar from the legs is bigger than sugar from the hands by Associate in Nursing quantity X, then it’s necessary to get rid of blood from the legs (or from the girdle organs) and take away (or let it select alternative needs). Such checks ought to be regular; the quantity of blood taken has not nonetheless been determined, apparently, ought to be concerning 10-60 grams or additional from every foot. Breaks within the procedures occur within the absence of a big distinction in sugar within the arms and legs. Such procedures, in conjunction with correct nutrition, physical and metastasis stress are going to be an honest hindrance against polygenic disease. however the “old” polygenic disease can behave once retreating parts of blood from the legs remains unknown. Experiments required. we tend to invite like individuals.


DANNON H. Fabrice. The mechanism of diabetes is explained by a new cardiovascular disease (CVD)/cancer theory. Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases 2021.

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