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A strong start: The benefits of coping strategies for neonatal intensive care unit families

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/jocp.2024.3964

Clinical Limitations of Non-pharmacological Comfort Tools for Needle Sticks in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU)

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/jocp.2024.3978

Tibial tubercle avulsion fracture clinical and epidemiological features in Chinese teenagers

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/JOCP.2024.1005

The effect of location on postoperative follow-up in paediatric surgery patients: a retrospective study

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/JOCP.2024.1004

Targeted therapy for neuroblastoma: applications and future possibilities

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/JOCP.2024.1003

Pediatric orthopedics recommendations for infection prevention and management during the COVID-19 epidemic

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/JOCP.2024.1002

Daily anal stimulation for newborns with severe functional constipation

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/JOCP.2024.1001

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