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Directive Publications welcomes original research articles, clinical studies, review articles, case reports, and perspectives that contribute to advancing knowledge and understanding in medical and scientific research.

Peer Review

The peer review process at Directive Publications is a rigorous and essential component of our commitment to producing high-quality content. Authors submitting their work can expect thorough evaluations from experts in the field, ensuring that only the most accurate and impactful research is published.

Reviewers are selected based on their expertise and reputation in the relevant subject area, guaranteeing insightful feedback that pushes authors to refine and strengthen their work. Any instance of plagiarism is thoroughly investigated by Directive Publications' editorial team, with severe consequences for authors found guilty of intellectual theft. In order to maintain the credibility and reputation of their publications, Directive Publications remains vigilant in detecting and preventing plagiarism within their scholarly works.

Our dedication to upholding academic standards means that all submissions undergo multiple rounds of peer review before publication, resulting in publications that are reliable, informative, and influential in shaping scholarly discourse.

Authors are then given the opportunity to revise their work based on these comments before a final decision is made on publication. Through this meticulous process, Directive Publications maintains its reputation as a trusted source for cutting-edge research across various disciplines.