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Stochastic events and their contributions to biological evolution and cancer

Correspondence to Author:  Mubenstein P, 

Hektoen Institute, 627 S Wood Street, Chicago, USA.


Stochastic genetic and epigenetic events are basic in causative to the event of manifold life-forms, past and gift. the event of malignant cell clones and therefore the role of irregularity as a drive in neoplastic cell evolution enhances, in an exceedingly perverse method proof for the role of probability in traditional cellular development and evolution. random events at multiple levels of cellular management associated implementation represent a primary drive and an final filter through that organic process innovation happens. irregularity provides the chance for a random assortment of disparate genetic and epigenetic events, in some instances leading to altered metabolic and biological process capabilities of ample stability and singularity to contribute to settled sequelae that promote the viability and reproduction of cells below stress. Cellular evolution has up to now resulted in an exceedingly “survival of a (sic) fittest”, usually dependent mechanistically on and determined by random events. The implications of this area unit reflected within the evolution of malignant amendment, to some extent as a variant of “reverse engineering” of adjustment. Efforts to scale back the incidence of malignant amendment can got to soak up to account its random nature and any the understanding of this feature.

Keywords :
stochastic events; biological evolution; cancer prime movers; epigenetic events; malignant cell clones


Mubenstein P. Stochastic events and their contributions to biological evolution and cancer World Journal of Clinical Cancer Research 2024.

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  • Journal Name: World Journal of Clinical Cancer Research
  • Impact Factor: 2.0
  • ISSN: 2831-3275
  • DOI: 10.52338/Wjccr
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  • Acceptance rate: 55%
  • Volume: 6 (2024)
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