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Evaluate percutaneous endoscopic transcanal cartilage myringoplasty as a postauricular incision-free treatment for STMP

Correspondence to Author:  Ghaled J Rokbel, 

Department of ORL, Head and Neck surgery, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt.


Our aim is to judge transcanal scrutiny approach in repair of subtotal eardrum perforation in a very trial to stop typical postaural approach. Our study was exhausted eighty patients with unilateral dry subtotal membrane perforations. They were forty four males and thirty six females. Their ages ranged from 18-50 years with mean of thirty three years. transplant skinny (0.2 mm) auricular animal tissue protect was wont to repair eardrum perforation. Patients were divided into 2 teams per the approach. cluster “A” was approached by scrutiny transcanal surgery whereas in cluster “B” by microscopic postauricular surgery. the smallest amount follow up amount was half-dozen months with vary from half-dozen to twenty four months. The take rate was considerably high in type A (100% in a very and ninetieth in B). operative air bone gap was considerably improved in each teams particularly in cluster “A”. There was vital distinction (P price < zero.0001) between the operative air bone gap averages of each teams (8.50 ± 1.25 in a very and nine.25 ± 0.75 in B). we tend to over that subtotal perforation of the eardrum higher|is best|is healthier} to be repaired by transcanal scrutiny surgery to avoid the postaural technique and to achieve additional précised result with better hearing.

Keywords :
Subtotal perforation, Endoscopic myringoplasty, Cartilage graft, Postauricular approach.


Ghaled J Rokbel. Evaluate percutaneous endoscopic transcanal cartilage myringoplasty as a postauricular incision-free treatment for STMP. World Journal of Otolaryngology 2024.

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  • Volume: 6 (2024)
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