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Variant periodic fever (VPF) is a rare syndrome characterized by episodes of recurrent fever with multiple constitutional symptoms.

Correspondence to Author:  Ryan D Cooperstock, 

Department of Child Health, Division Infectious Disease, Immunology & Rheumatology, University of Missouri, USA.


Background: Diagnostic criteria for periodic fever, aphthous inflammation, inflammatory disease, and cervical redness syndrome (PFAPA) are challenged, leading to imply compartmentalization. we tend to explore the explanation and treatment response among PFAPA and incomplete periodic fever variants to assess existing therapies among excluded people. Methods: Periodic fever cases were retrospectively reviewed. A medical specialty communicable disease specialist excluded various diagnoses and phonephone follow-up confirmed knowledge fidelity. Results: 469 charts were reviewed and thirty one potential cases known. twenty nine people were enclosed with twenty with success contacted. eleven cases met the classic definition (CD), nine had intermittent cardinal symptom(s) (IS), and nine had isolated periodic fever (IPF). Treatment enclosed observation, steroid administration, and/or surgery (tonsillectomy or adenotonsillectomy). Steroids terminated every episode altogether treated patients, 9/11 with CD and 11/18 with IS/ IPF. once steroid treatment shortened the inter-episode interval, higher doses reversed this result. With observation or steroid treatment, either spontaneous resolution occurred once a mean of one hundred and five, 54, and thirty six months or episodes persisted once a mean of eighteen, 53, and fifty seven months for CD, IS, and IPF, severally. Surgery resulted during a sustained cure for four patients in every cluster. surgical procedure reduced total malady period within the CD and IPF teams p < zero.01. No individual suffered long-run adverse effects. Conclusion: Treatment of PFAPA and incomplete variants with steroids dependably terminates acute episodes. surgical procedure alters the explanation of CD and IPF. PFAPA treatments ought to be more investigated for IS and IPF and more analysis is required to definitively characterize these teams.

Keywords :
Periodic fever, PFAPA, Tonsillectomy


Ryan D Cooperstock. Variant periodic fever (VPF) is a rare syndrome characterized by episodes of recurrent fever with multiple constitutional symptoms.. World Journal of Otolaryngology 2024.

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